Sunday, October 13, 2013

Monkeying Around at APE!

Yesterday I went to the Alternative Press Expo (APE) here in S.F. I went with my comic book artist friend Sean Seamus. It was my first time and, as is my way, I naturally now want to make comics books. That will probably never happen. The only comic books I have ever cared about are those made by my idol Lynda Barry:

Self-Portrait by Lynda Barry

Of course, back in the day, like everyone, I loved Calvin & Hobbes or The Far Side, you know... but graphic novels and all that? Not really my thing. I guess because they usually seem so guy centric... And/or written by pretentious twenty-somethings who think they are "deep" <-- terribly insulting stereotype... but I OWN IT!  I know there are some books that women are into but, not knowing any female comic geeks, I have no one to recommend stuff. And also, I don't care. I mean, I have so many regular books in the queue that I will never actually get to... 

• • •
Wait! I just had a thought! I like to read non-fiction self-help books... maybe I should do a comic book of one of those! "Mary Battles Her Mother the Narcissist" "The Adventures of Id and Ego!"   "Fred Vs. Jung - What if they were dating?"  "I'm Ok, You're Ok - We're HILARIOUS!"
 • • •
I dunno, kind of a good idea... maybe... Anyway...

There was so much talent at the APE... and SO MANY NERDS!! I felt kinda "Cool" in comparison. ;) I purposely wore a low cut top with lots'o cleavage, just to give the nerds a little treat.  There were actually some cute boys there, but they were boys. I like boys, but they don't look at old ladies like me... sigh. Well, not in the eyes anyway! Badump bump!

Last year I came upon an illustrator/cartoonist on line that I fell in love with. So much so that I actually wrote to her! Her name is Gemma Correll and she was at APE! It was lovely to meet her. She is very meek and very British. Her work is simple and sweet and funny.  I always admire people with a specific style and the balls to stick to it. I am lacking that ability. Here is a photo of her sketchbook that she was working on at the exact moment.

©2013 Gemma Correll

Please note there are no pencil sketches. She works that neatly and with such precision of layout - without a net! Her lettering is phenomenal! I can only imagine that her home is as immaculate and minimalist as mine is chaotic and maximalist.

I was very impressed by a team of young women who were sharing a table and seemed to work together.  Steph Laberis:

and Jeannine Schafer:
©2013 Jeannie Schafer

Their work is similar, tho Steph's is a bit more stylized -- which I love! Both are very talented and seemed like nice ladies. I envy that they have found each other. I would love to have a partner to work with. Oh well, some of us were born to be loners!!

Well, that's it for my APE roundup! I liked the work by women the best, but as my gay husband Anthony always says: I'm "Such a Girl"!!


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